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 “Everything is coming too fast!”is a comment reflective ofthe current environment in virtually every industry in China. The private equity industry only started getting widespread recognition in the last 6 years or so, and is now in the midst of a disruptive reshuffling. While the final form of China’s private equity market is far from finalized, it has already become an irreplaceable market moving in parallel with the traditional capital markets. The overall Chinese economy is continuing to slow, which creates an impetus for industry consolidation. Without a doubt, among the various asset management areas private equity has the biggest opportunities, and the biggest challenges.


  In the world of private equity investing, it is virtually impossible to immediately spot a clear winner without some special insights. A lot of people ask me what I look for in a company. Strong financial performance and industry positioning are a given, but we also delve into the company's upstream and downstream value chains to evaluate its relative strength. Evaluating the company's entrepreneurial spiritand organizational system bring dimension to the picture. Without innovation to generate significant traction, a company will rarely succeed and without a flexible organization structure, few companies can meaningfully scale up.Exceptional Chinese companies demonstrate a balanced mixture of rationaland impulsive, the rational side driving corporate governance, budgeting and operational processes, while the impulsive side takes risks, seizes opportunities and operates outside the box. When the strong winds blow, the unyielding oak may fall, but the flexible sapling remains.


This mentality of “seeking order from chaos, seeking chaos from order” has allowed companies such as Huawei to thrive. A rational analysis of the North American and European agricultural industry reveals very little opportunity for meaningful returns. However, for Chinese agriculture companies such as Shandong New Hope or Guangdong Wens, the dynamics of the Chinese market create the potential for significant value creation. Due to the vast scale of the China market, meaningful investment opportunities can be found in even in the most traditionalof industries.


  Views of the Chinese macroeconomic situation are vastly divergent, ranging from irrational exuberance to crippling pessimism and trying to identify which one is right can leave one feeling utterly confused. We are not in the market of identifying future macroeconomic trends or predicting the movements of the stock markets. What we do, and do well, is identify value creation opportunities that arise through strong fundamentals, robust value chains, and taking advantage of the opportunities that arise from the unique Chinese economic environment. Our success comes from focusing on the details, generating trust and sharing returns to help our portfolio companies to thrive.


Wei Zhang



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