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Only the Paranoid Survive: How to Exploit the Crisis Points That Challenge Every Company

By Andrew S. Grove

    Only the Paranoid Survive is a masterpiece of modern leadership. Andrew Grove, founder and former CEO of Intel, underscores his message by sharing his own record of success and failure. He expounds his strategies on how to find a turning point and cope with both opportunities and challenges in the face of the complicated and capricious market, as leaders in a company.



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Big Data

By Viktor Mayer Schonberger

    Big Data is the first major book to explain the earthshaking subject, how it will change our lives and what we can do to protect ourselves from its hazards. Big data will create an unprecedented realm for people’s life. It inspires inventions and new services. More changes are on the horizon. Viktor points out that what the times of big data strikes, people should be aware of “what” instead of asking “why”. This notion overturns the traditional way of thinking and poses new challenges for human communications.



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The Explosion Chronicles

By Yan Lian Ke

    The Explosion Chronicles, a Booker International Prize winner, is a tongue-in-cheek guide to the growth of one of China’s biggest cities, showing how a small hamlet has become a shining example of the recent rapid Chinese economic growth. It depicts a story of families, lust and money. From a little hamlet to a metropolis, people of that times experienced lust in transformation, agony in humanity, love and hatred among families and kindness from the world.



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How Can I Remain Silent

By Shen Haobo

    Shen Haobo, the representative of Lower Body Poems, poured all his affection in this collection of poems which he wrote from 1999 to 2012. Five chapters reveals five perspectives of his emotions. The first chapter, “Let Me Hold You Tight”, concludes 30 poems on love and family ties. While in the third chapter and the forth chapter, he brings his emotion to another level and criticizes the issues of the times. He believes poems will never fade away even when those who write them pass away.




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The Illustrated World’s Religions

By Huston Smith

    The illustrated World’s Religions retains all the beloved qualities of Huston Smith’s classics. Instead of telling history, this book centers on the value of religions that features noble life goals, in-depth life experience and strong power. Such a value encourages people to be more perfect. This stunning guide of religions presents readers detailed, absorbing and richly illustrated chapters on Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Christianity, Taoism and other religions. Readers can find it enjoyable to get into the differences and similarities among the worldwide religious traditions.


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A History of God

By Karen Armstrong

    Karen Armstrong can take 4,000 years of God and human interaction and reduce it to the fundamentals without oversimplifying. Her writing is light, but is full of clues, prominent characters and thrilling plots. The intact and comprehensive picture of the history of God can be illuminating for those who are seeking God. It is an unparalleled masterpiece of religions. Readers can enjoy rich knowledge and detailed explanations on religions. It can act like a reliable guide, story of history and inspiration.

Rewritten by: Luo Xinying, Edited by: Du Zhixin, Wei Yiyi

The year 2019 marks the fortieth anniversary of China’s Reform &Opening-Up, once again, we meet at the turning point of history. What’s the next step for the game, is there any clear guidance? The answer is affirmative.

Our country is enjoying a good momentum of development, which does not come from the Washington Consensus nor the Beijing Consensus. China’s experience has proved that both the visible hand and the invisible hand are crucial: the visible hand, stands for the government-led reform, and would yield benefits for reform and opening up; the invisible hand, stands for the Marginal Power represented by the private sector, and would improve economic efficiency and tax collection, create jobs and employment opportunities.

Provided that we want to protect and expand the benefits form reform, three simple but mandatory agreements are to be made and followed: No.1 Private ownership must be recognized, protected and treated equally with public ownership constitutionally, both ownerships are scared and inviolable;No.2 Make further clarification of the principal position of market economy, “deepen economic system reform by centering on the decisive role of the market in allocating resources”, as President Xi addressed in the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee;No.3 Implement the guiding principles of “comprehensively promoting law-based governance” of the fourth plenum. The rule of law is essential for economic growth, irreplaceable to protect private ownership, and necessary to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship.

Above are three rules for us to avoid falling into the Middle-income Trap. Assuming that we are breaking systematic barriers to private enterprises’ participation in market economy, and boosting innovation and entrepreneurship of our society, then we are heading towards a promoting direction. We are marching in the path of light, regardless of the ups and downs of Sino-US relationship, the drop in GDP growth rate, or the monetary policy.

These principals also apply on knowing how better to run a business: don’t be hedged by rules and regulations at the beginning, pay more attention to your survival, and you’ll learn more when you start your second business.

For many years, Huawei has been the only Chinese company on the list of the Top 50 R&D Spenders. Regardless of the economy and its income, what Huawei has been doing is investing in its future, dedicated to R&D, continuously and resolutely. This provisional work underscores Huawei’s accomplishments, making Huawei anindustry leader.

So, there are standard answers on how to run a company,which could be summarized as concentration and professional dedication, continuous investment on innovation and trying harder in R&D. Entrepreneurship is also important, every single company needs entrepreneurs to push aside all obstacles and difficulties, to implement strategies and ideas. We, as investors, are destined to look for such outstanding entrepreneurs and their companies, invest in them and partner with them.

At this key point of history, a country, a company, or asingle individual, will all need to find the right path. Four decades after the Reform and Opening-up, it’s time to learn from our experience and stop “wadding across


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